SEPAM Setting Software SFT2841 V13.1
TypeSoftware & Firmware - Software - Released
Publication date18 MAR 2013
Document referencesetup SFT2841 V13.1
RangeSFT 2841 - SFT2848 (Sepam series 20, 40, 80 software), Sepam series 60, Sepam series 20, Sepam series 40, Sepam series 80
DescriptionThe SFT2841 software is the setting and operating tool for Sepam series 20, Sepam|series 40, Sepam series 60 and Sepam series 80.|It may be used:|- prior to commissioning and without connection to Sepam, to prepare Sepam protection and parameter settings|- during commissioning, on a PC connected point-to-point to the Sepam front panel: to load, unload and modify Sepam protection and parameter settings and to obtain all measurements and useful information during commissioning|- during operation, on a PC connected to a set of Sepam relays via an E-LAN multipoint communication network in order to manage the protection system, to monitor the status of the electrical network and to run diagnostics on any incidents affecting the electrical network.||Compatibility with Microsoft® VISTA, XP||Compatibility with all Sepam series.
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